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Cantine dei Colli Tramonte

Cantine dei Colli Tramonte dates back in 1968, year in which Paolo Briani decided to gather the grapes and wine producers of his homeland: Colli Euganei, in the province of Padova. Paolo understood the huge potential of this land, in which since centuries moscato and serprino grapes where cultivated; Since that moment his favorite wine became Moscato Fior d’Arancio – internationally considered the best representation of Italian moscato’s family.

During the years, the reputation of Cantine dei Colli Tramonte has grown as reference point for the vinfication and wine production in Colli Euganei’s area. Specializing in the fermentation of Prosecco and Moscato. The winery produces wines that are able to satisfy some of the most demanding markets in the world, mainly with its sparkling wines using the Italian fermentation process – Metodo Charmat. 

Just few hundred meters away from Cantine dei Colli Tramonte, is located the Benedictine Abbey of Praglia. This small and isolated abbey is known worldwide for its art and handwritten books, but in the last decades is also being recognized for the production of local wines. From the implantation of the grapes until the vinification process, everything is personally controlled byPaolo, with his personal support to the monks. Land, machineries and know how is offer to the abbey to obtain its peculiar wines, unchanged since the age of its foundation. Moscato Fior d’Arancio is the main product; wine that is still used from the monks daily, for religious functions and convivial moments. Produced directly in the winery situated inside the abbey.

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